Analysis published with IT Pro on 29/05/20

The NHS will retain the non-anonymised sensitive data of UK citizens engaged as part of the Test and Trace programme for up to 20 years, despite not having fully examined the data protection risks involved.

The government launched NHS Test and Trace, a manual contact-tracing programme, this week to help contain the spread of COVID-19 with lockdown measures beginning to lift  

Exc: New £1 coin concept designs revealed

News published with on 22/11/17

Four concept designs for the new pound coin were considered ahead of the 12-sided pound’s release earlier this year, it has been revealed.

Photos obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show the Royal Mint manufactured prototypes of four separate designs, including two bimetallic round coins and two bimetallic 12-sided coins

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Richmond Park – Tim Farron Interview
On the final Saturday ahead of the crucial by-election in Richmond Park, I spoke with Lib Dem leader Tim Farron about the campaign, Brexit, and Tony Blair.

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Up to 15,000 students, academics, trade unionists and parents took to the streets on to rail against the Conservative government’s higher education policies.

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Young voices are being sidelined in this referendum campaign – often quite literally.

The first television event held last Thursday was a debate for 18-29 year olds. Its panel featured Alan Johnson (66), Alex Salmond (61), Diane James (56), and Liam Fox (54).

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According to received wisdom the majority of young people in Britain are apathetic.

Based on historic trends, it’s difficult to argue against the idea that youth apathy will strike again this Thursday, but in a tumultuous political climate in which received wisdom…

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