LSE accused of misusing surveillance powers to spy on journalists
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First published in London Student on 12/11/15

LSE narrowThe London School of Economics (LSE) has been accused of intercepting the communications data of journalists looking into allegations of wrongdoing within the university.

Ellen Wilkie, executive editor of the Beaver, told London Student that her newspaper has compiled evidence the school managed to gain access to the contents of a sensitive email which concerns a news investigation. 

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Super-powerful new microscope will scan objects a millionth of a human hair

First published in the Independent on 19/02/15

A new super-powerful electron microscope that can examine objects a million times smaller than a human hair is to be unveiled today.

The £3.7m device, dubbed SuperSTEM 3, is one of only three of its kind in the world and will be the first in the UK.

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Keumars Afifi-Sabet is a journalist with writing experience for local and national titles.

Based in London, he is currently studying a part-time NCTJ Multimedia Journalism course with News Associates.

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On the final Saturday ahead of the crucial by-election in Richmond Park, I spoke with Lib Dem leader Tim Farron about the campaign, Brexit, and Tony Blair.

#Nov19 NUS National Demo:
Up to 15,000 students, academics, trade unionists and parents took to the streets on to rail against the Conservative government’s higher education policies.

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IT End of the World

If mankind were to one day make contact with intelligent, peaceful life on a distant planet, we’d probably kill it.

Knowing our species’ history of violent, bloody conquest and disregard for any sort of life – from probably killing off other species of hominid, to definitely killing off Native Americans, to habitually killing off anything that looks different – that’s probably what would happen.

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IT Putin Litvinenko

If you’re keen to assassinate a political dissident feel free to make as much noise as possible; the UK is your playground.

The body of part-time Kryten 2X4b-523P stand-in Alexander Litvinenko hadn’t even lost its warm, radioactive glow but we could already see Vladimir Putin’s grubby fingerprints all over the corpse. You may not have been able to “smell it” a mile off but you could sure as hell pick it up on your Geiger-counter.

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