Below is a sample of my recent work including news stories, FOI investigations, data analysis, films, and live blogging.

UCL makes £30m profit from accommodation in three years as rent strike escalates
London Student | 19/01/17

University College London (UCL) has generated more than £30m in profit from student housing over the last three years, while the average weekly rent has risen by nearly 18%.

LSE spent £3000+ on director’s departure
London Student | 17/12/16
The London School of Economics (LSE) spent thousands of pounds on parties, gifts, and a portrait to mark the departure of former director Craig Calhoun this summer.

South West London groups rally to try to prevent ‘dark Brexit’
South West Londoner | 24/03/16
A pro-EU group staged a day of action across south west London on Saturday to fight ‘dark Brexit’ ahead of a demonstration later this month.

Tim Farron joins Sarah Olney at a Brexit Q&A ahead of the Richmond Park by-election 
South West Londoner (via YouTube) | 26/11/16

Taking questions from the audience, Lib Dem candidate Sarah Olney was joined by Tim Farron at a Brexit Q&A in New Malden to push for support ahead of next week’s crucial by-election.

Lambeth council to pay tens of millions to Shirley Oaks child abuse survivors
South West Londoner | 16/12/16

Lambeth Council will pay tens of millions of pounds in compensation to children abused in care homes following an investigation by a survivors’ group.

Richmond Park | Tim Farron interview
YouTube | 26/11/2016

On the final Saturday ahead of the crucial by-election in Richmond Park, I spoke with Lib Dem leader Tim Farron about the campaign, Brexit, and Tony Blair.

#Nov19 NUS National Demo (Bitesize)
YouTube | 20/11/2016

Up to 15,000 students, academics, trade unionists and parents took to the streets on to rail against the Conservative government’s higher education policies.

Conservative candidate – let’s talk to each other
Brent & Kilburn Times | 11/05/17

The Conservative candidate for Brent Central is prioritising action against crime and anti-social behaviour in his campaign to oust Labour’s Dawn Butler.

Liz Truss visits retirement home as Tories push to win Hampstead and Kilburn
Self-published | 12/05/17

Justice Secretary Liz Truss joined Conservative candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn Claire-Louise Leyland at a retirement home on Thursday to canvass for elderly support.

Analysis: Are We In For A Youth Turnout Shock?
The Bubble | 06/06/17

According to received wisdom the majority of young people in Britain are apathetic.

Based on historic trends, it’s difficult to argue against the idea that youth apathy will strike again this Thursday, but in a tumultuous political climate in which received wisdom is being consistently undermined, even this taken-for-granted assumption may be turned on its head.

General Election 2017: Results, reaction and video – as it happened
South West Londoner | 08/06/17

Live coverage of the general election from constituencies across south west London – with news, clips and photos from counts across the night and into the early hours of the morning.